i want to kiss someone and bake them cookies

sometimes i have a feeling a lot of ppl use me just for my art or only like me cause i can draw decently to a point

its funny how im so happy and giggly around friends/school and when im by myself or just at home or away from school. 
i look like i murdered someone

ugh i cant find any good soft ware to animate. welp i guess it’s back to pencil and paper. Pencil and paper just give me the best animated effects. But i know it’s gonna take awhile

this was a doodle, and it has no proportion what so ever im not sorry

im really bored someone entertain me 

why cant school be like an anime, cherry blosoms, a senpai who is the other character that is interested in you ,so you both are love interests.

my suspenders popped off during class and hit me in the face and my fRIENDS WERE LAUGHING AT ME, OMFG SUSPENDERS ARE NO JOKE YOU WAGGLEMUFFIN

do you ever just have a song that everytime you play it you think of a happy memory, and just melt happily

Mioshi my one and only fantroll //kissu her face// 

I have stretch marks.


Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.

;w; i’ve gotten so many people tell me that…. they never thought i was black

… you know what 

me too ;;w;; 

I’ve never been on a date before ;;w;;

i’ve always thought bout it


i just dont know how it would go