Why you wouldnt want to go out with me
  •  i will love you so much you’ll die, so i may kill you with love sorry bro
  • im a huge snuggler so i may just snuggle and cuddle you till you cry
  • i want to be a chef so i may just cook you dinner, and put love into it
  • i’ll draw you things, and im a crazy artist you dont want that
  • i have a gap in my teeth, who wants to kiss a girl with a gap in their teeth?
  • be tee dubs (btw) i’ve never kissed before so i’d fail 
  • dating i dont know how to
  • video games? i’d beat you and make you cry, okay im not sorry about that
  • internet? yeah im on it every day
  • sex? woah bro, hold up if you want dis you better put a ring on it
  • i’d email you like everyday and  text you, i wouldnt really be expecting a reply i just want you to know i care
  • i’ll try to make you laugh, if you dont like laughing im sorry 
  • i cant make lists
  • jfalkdjfkl a
  • djkfaj wut
  • ajd k
  • aaha
  • bye 
I’ve never been on a date before ;;w;;

i’ve always thought bout it


i just dont know how it would go


why am i so weird
guy: i love you babe, let's do it.
me: i love fried chicken but you dont see me banging a piece of extra crispy. you weirdo.
guy: .....
me: yeah i just blew your mind jerk *trolololol*